Ramin Ahmadi

Founder of Neguin Group of Campanies

Ramin Ahmadi (Ramin Ahmadi Saber Doust born JUN 26, 1965) is an Iranian businessman with interests in land development, real estate, hospitality, investment and education in building management services including new technology and event management & culture activate. He pioneered the establishment of the first Mega Mall in Iran It is named “Tehran Mega Mall”, anchored by so many famous Department Stores and Brands in Iran and Hyper Market, Cineplex, Theme Park and Sports Center. He is the CEO of Neguin Refah Appadna as RHC developer and vice chairman of Neguin Ara Asia (www.megamall.ir), developer of this mall, and still is as director of Neguin Group in Malaysia..

Early life

Ramin Ahmadi 

was born in Tehran in a middle-class family. His parents were born in Tehran, but were originally from Gilan, He was the first-born son of the family. His father was a building contractor and his mother was a housewife. However, both were very interested in reading. His father had several unpublished screenplays and stories that would definitely Ramin’s main motivation to write and work in cinema and television. His younger brother Afshin Ahmadi is also one of the famous directors of photographer in Iranian TV serials. Ramin has two younger sisters.


Ramin Ahmadi started working with Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB) before graduating from high school in 1981. He worked as a part-time writer and then as a script supervisor, TV Director, and producer. He was also the program-broadcasting manager of IRIB World Services, between 1987-1992 for English, Arabic, Kurdish and Turkmen TV channels. Collaboration with Non-Iranian colleagues from different countries and languages formed a fertile field for him to perform common tasks among different nationalities.

Ramin Ahmadi graduated in screen-writing at IRIB University while working simultaneously in IRIB,

Dr.Mahmoud Azizi was his supervisor for this thesis in degree level. 

Later by encouragements and guidance of PhD. Farhad Nazerzadeh Kermani, he finished his masters in Islamic Azad University of Art and Architecture of Tehran, South Branch

He married his wife, Nasrin Behzadi, who was a graduate of the IRIB University in Film Editing, and her masters from Tarbiat Modarres University, in 1989. The result of the marriage is three daughters named Noushin, Negin, and Rojien. Noushin is currently a graduate of Architecture and Design from Limkokwing University Malaysia and Negin is a graduate of Marketing from UCSI University in Malaysia 

His wife, Nasrin Behzadi, encouraged him in setting up Neguin company, in 1990. By establishing Neguin Company, Ramin Ahmadi focused all his activities on this company and developed from an Iranian company into an international one.

Holding Music and movie events and festivals in the Middle East and Malaysia, while produce and distributing film, TV Program and music were only the beginning activities of the company.

Company Activities 

Company Developed in the fields of new technology, smart cards, DVBT (Digital TV), and collaborating with MSC organization  Malaysia in connection with research projects were other activities of Neguin Group during Mr.Ramin’s stay in Malaysia.His greatest and most prominent joint project between Iran and Malaysia is the investment and management of construction and operation of the first Mega Mall in Iran, which is located on “Ekbatan Entertainment Complex” West of Tehran 

New technology

Living in a country where its economic architect was TUN DR.Mahathir Mohammad, taught Ramin Ahmadi that he should think towards the development, construction and use of new technologies to broaden a company or financial institution.


Cooperation with Iranian companies to design and build Smart Card  in 1999- 2002, design and planning of the first Iranian set up box for DVB-T network  of Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting from 2003- 2005 and studies and executive planning of Khorasan Razavi  science and Technology corridor in collaboration with the  MSC Malaysia (Multimedia Super Corridor) in 2008, was just some of great projects of Ramin Ahmadi private investing with Iranian companies.

Film, TV and theater

Ramin Ahmadi from his studies was a producer, consultant, art director, production manager and author of many programs in television. Among these may be mentioned the following.


Produced the television series “Hanna and Hanak” for IRIB 


Produced weekly program “Cinema Javan” for IRIB TV2


Directed multimedia theater Khorramshahr symphony composed by Majid Entezami, conductor by Fereydoun Nasseri and Tehran Symphony Orchestra written by Abbas Tahvildar 


Directed the Multimedia theater “Life Story” based on “Falak va Aflak” symphony , composed by Kambiz Roshanravan , conductor by Fereydoun Nasseri, with Tehran symphony orchestra and performed by over 150 professional actors. The first director assistant and dance designer in this theater was Hamid Farrokhnezhad.
Directing Puppet Musical TV series for children, called “Nazanin Khanoom” (Miss.Nazanin), written by Ms.Hengameh Mofid , composition by Mr.Kambiz Roshanravan  (and puppeteers by Donya Fannizadeh


Production Manager of “Bashgahe Serri” (Secret club) movie, directed by Jamal Shurjeh on 1998 in Malaysia and Iran.



Producer of Movie called “Heiva”, directed by Rasoul Mollagholipour  acting by Jamshid Hashempour, Golchehreh Sajadiye , Atila Pesyani and won six awards including the best film award in Fajr Film Festival 


Production manager for television series “Tales of the River (Ghessehhaye Roodkhaneh) the first and only Iran and Malaysia joint TV production directed by Kamal Tabrizi  in 1999 and the presence of well-known Iranian actors such as Mohammad Ali Keshavarz , Peyman Ghasem Khani , and also Malaysian famous actors: Syed Alwi, Shukery Hashim , Hamidah wahab, Mahyon Ismail , Osman Zailain.


Producing over 700 minutes documentary series of Entrepreneur Iranians living in Malaysia and Malaysian truism location for Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB)  between 1997 to 2000.

Distribution of the top 200 Iran and Turkey movies, and more than 300 movies and series from Arabic countries as a representative of the ART (Arab Radio Television) , IRIB (Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting) and Farabi from Iran and few production house and TV station from Turkey since 1997, in East Asia, especially ASTRO , RTM , TV3 

Festivals and Concerts

Ramin Ahmadi was the designer, planner and investor of many musical and films festivals in various years in Iran and Malaysia and others country.


Designer, organizer, and director of the first and second Music Festival of Sacred Defense, 1991-1993.

Director of Fourth and Fifth Sacred Defense Movie Festival, 1991-1993


Investor and Program Director of the first European tour of Farhad Mehrad in various cities in Germany and France. That was the first concert of Farhad Mehrad, as a pop Iranian singer, after the Islamic Revolution of Iran began from Cologne, Germany in 1994.


Director of Cultural and Public Affairs of Persian Carpet Exhibition in Toronto, Canada in 1995.


Investor and executive manager of first Iranian films festival in Malaysia in 2001, (an Iranian expression) in GSC cinemas of Malaysia by presence of Iranian actors; Fatemeh Motamed Arya, Ezatollah Entezami and Iranian director, Mr.Mohammad Reza Bozorgnia in Kuala Lumpur with Malaysia’s Minister of Culture for two weeks.


The investor and executive director of the first and second Festival and Film Market “Tamasha” in Malaysia, attended by more than 50 international companies in Malaysia in 2003-2004.


Exclusive Iran Film Week in Malaysia “Nowruz Impression” in March 2008


Investor and executive manager of the Iranian New Year Festival (Nowruz) in Malaysia with eight Iranian local group dancers, along with live performance of traditional and country music bands in Berjaya Hotel.


Design and implementation of holding the soft opening of the first Megamall in Tehran, Iran 


Investor of the first and second Music annals of Iran, author Seyed Ali Reza Mir Ali Naqi, 1994 and 1995.
Investment in the first handbook of Malaysia shopping centers named: “The Malaysia Shopping Center Annual Guide, 2007”. Investment in photo book “Iran, the Land of Religions in Peace” Author is Masoud Foruzandeh and photographer is Abbas Tahvildar 2013.Compilation and Translation of “Brief Notes of shopping Center Management” into Persian, 2013. Author book “ what they don’t teach in university in Iran” Secrets of my home Land for trades, Management and Success. 2017, Compilation and Translation of “Brief Notes of shopping Center Development, Design and Construction” into Persian (under publishing)